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Oh well, back again
On Oscar's advice, I've changed my picture back. The old one is here - somebody tell me which is best:

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I like the old one better. I mean the new old picture. Or was it the opposite? Anyway, it's the big picture on top of the page.

Nah the other ones better

I prefer the new one, the one to the right. Its less, err, well crap.
There I said it, the new one is tons better, get it up back up now.

you look hott in the new one

the old one isn't a good picture, I mean it's a good picture pose and all, but it's not taken well, the light angle was off so there is a wierd shadow on your high cheek and under your chin on your upper neck. You look hott in the new one, except for the fact that you're smushing your face, lol.
Your hair looks better in this one, and the coloring is twenty times better.

Re: you look hott in the new one

OK, I'm losing track of which is old and which is new. I'm going to keep this one, and hope that's the one people like :o)

Re: ya, thats the one we like

the one... wait...the one that you have now... yeah.

You've got the cutest little nose. I didn't notice that in the other one, sweetheart.

(Deleted comment)
That's OK OJ...

the new one is a much better pic, the old one is kind of non-descript...the new one has personality.

I enjoy the one where you are stroking your imaginary beard. On principle.

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