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Oh well
It'd take me a year and a day to put proper indents into that thing.... So the code is a bit confusing, to say the least. Anyway, I'm bloody chuffed with how I handled the whole thing - in my humble opinion, it rocks. The way I used binary values in decimal form in order to index the colors is one of my favourite bits, just because... well.... it's quite clever, really. Anyway, enough boosting my own ego :o)

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Copy and paste from source

Enclose in <pre> [...] </pre>

I would, only then there wouldn't be line breaks, and it'd mess up some peoples' friends page styles. So I'll just put up with a lack of indentation :o)

You code all on one line?


You know what I mean - long lines would just stay long, and I haven't got the energy to go through and fix them all :o)

You lazy sod Student

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