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Mine again
My sanity has been restored, more or less. So I'll have this back now. But I'll keep that password - I like it :o)

Anyway, not a lot is going on. Am sorting things out as best I can right now, so that's something, I guess. Apologies to all of those who my recent spell of insanity has bothered - specifically Jen and David. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible :o)

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i knew you'd come back, but i was worried i lost you for awhile.

don't do that again, please...


You'll never lose me. Ever. You know how much I need you...

it bother me...and do you have a land line no, that would not be connected to the internet all the time???

I told you not to worry.

And in theory I do, but I don't plug my phone into it, because that's just inviting trouble...

How long has this recent spell lasted? 4 years?

Something like that. Anyway, when are you going to put your picture on your journal, eh?

When I can be arsed to do a stoopid James-pose, down-size it and upload it to my website. So never.

Well in that case I'll just have to find the old picture of you.... Or the new one...

*wanders around IRC a bit*

Ah, and then you tell me where it is. You fool!!! BWAHAHA!!! And stuff...

There we go :o)

Now set it as your userpic :o)

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