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i'm taking away your journal until i get to talk to you again

i'm worried about you and i think we need to talk

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Fair enough. Tell me when you'll have time for me.

Hallo. I am just doing the typing of your journal, David. Are you ok? I have a saying: When the sardines are following a trawler, it is because they are not going the right way about surviving. And I think you should maybe be talking at this moment about the stuff on your mind maybe? Uwe.

This isn't the best time right now Uwe :o)

Ever thought about capitalisation?

Ever thought about "Shut the fuck up before I come up to Warwick and gut you with a fish"? And yes, that's with a fish, not like a fish...

(PS, yes, it's me, James)

Sorry. I'll be your bitch for a day, or something... to make up.

Maybe I can buy you an icecream? Anything to stop you gutting me would be really great, I've got my exams coming up and the last thing I need is to have my guts extracted by someone as 1337 as yourself.

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