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So, like any of you care
Heartless bastards, the lot of you, but anyway.... So, what have I done since I last updated? Well, actually, nothing. I learned a few more bass tabs, downloaded a load of damned cool MP3s (including my current one)..... Bothered David for about three hours on the phone... Slept..... That pretty much accounts for the time. Sorry I can't keep you all more interested :oP

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I used to be so annoyed by this song when i was younger yet it always stuck to me for HOURS when I heard it ... and he was so ugly, that Chesney Hawkes!! hmm should that be "IS ugly"? wonder whatever happened to the lad......


Right I need to download that now. Though upon thinking, he wasn't a patch on Rick Astley, who he blatantly tried to be (in the one single he only released ever).

Jon Sadaca and now him. I hate you...

Face it, without Jon Secada or Chesney Hawkes, your early 90s passion would not be satisfied... I'm doing you a favour Dan :o)

If only I could remember what other songs I liked from that era.... :o)

There are only 3 things from the early 90s

"I am the one and only" - Chesney Hawkes
"Everything I do..." - Bryan Adams
Take That

Everything else did not exist and is just a figment of our imaginations brought on from the pie-crazed Gary Barlow.

*thanks random deity that he can't remember the early 90s*

Chesney hawkes was ace, as were take that, Mark Owen YUMMY!!! Btu Bryan Adams should have been shot!

Take That were the spawn of the devil, Gary Barlow is eeeviiillll....

no they weren't but I can see your point about Gary barlow :0)

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