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Two people?
You self involved bastards, the world is really coming to something bad when only two people notice that I deleted my journal for 15 hours there. I'm sorry, should I have made some melodramatic nonsense post warning everybody in advance as a huge cry for help and desperate attempt to get people to say "No, don't do it!"

Thanks for the support guys....

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Be fair - most of us read our own friends pages - and not your recent entries page... but anyway, to address the more important point, how comes you deleted your journal? A dumb question to ask at this point would be "are you ok?", so, are you ok?

Am I OK? I believe so.

tho i know my opinion counts for very little these days, ummm, how about a post "no dont do it comment?"
it seems weird i know, but well, hey, i read ure journal too =)

As Doc said, most of us read via the Friends page, so I didn't see that your LJ was deleted.

But, why? Why did your LJ account get deleted?

Well obviously you knew, but you didn't point it out to me, so...

Tell me, tell me, tell me, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!
Am I not fab for noticing???? Me thinks so!

Hey don't blame me!!

I've been offline since Sunday morning!

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