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Arg, another day, another dime
Yeesh, it's Monday morning already - where does the time go? Oh well, at least I'm earning money for this, and said money will at least get me my computer, and a few hundred for the start of term at Uni. Which will be nice.

Anyway, so I've been thinking about a groovy conversation I had with Bri a few months back... About travelling back in time a couple of thousand years, and inserting phrases into the Bible. Just think how cool that would be... You could insert something into the book of Matthew, purporting to be a teaching of Jesus "And he whose name shall be Jim Webley shall be showered with gifts, and money, and other groovy stuff". Of course, it'd take them a couple of thousand years to invent the word Groovy, and it'd change the course of history such that I'd not have this name, but it's still a damned fun idea.

Anyway, my big bowl of Weetabix and Oats is now soaking up as much milk as I could put on, and is awaiting my attempts to drown it thoroughly in sugar. What joy. Still left on my "'To Do' List" are having a bath, perhaps watching a short video, and then at 7:45am I shall have to leave for work. And not get back until 5:45pm. *moan*. Like I say, at least I'm getting paid, and by the time I get home, my PC should have been ordered already. Which is, like, totally groovy. Anyway, need food...

*time elapses*

Mmm... yummy sugar-filled slop

*more time elapses*

So anyway, off my head on sugar now - yay.... I may have another photo taken by the funny machine today, it depends if I get enough time at lunch.... Wonder what funny face I'll pull this time. Either that, or I'll just, like, not bother with it and do something worthwhile with my time and money. But when has that ever happened before? Oh well.... The thread in AGRA started by that idiot (whoever he actually is) is now well and truly ours now.... Pretty much all of us have posted to it somewhere - Chas, Rey, Blade, Kit, Alex, Oscar, Michael... OK, so not all of us. About a third of us. But the thought was there.... Ho hum.

Anyway, I've got to have a bath soon - as soon as enough people are awake to justify my making a noise upstairs... Annoying siblings are both still on their holidays until two weeks on Thursday, but then after that, they're at school, and I'll be coming to the end of my job. I think I'm nearly about halfway through now. Can't be more than about 6 weeks until University now, which will be a very nice and very welcomed change. Plus, I don't have to study Maths in the first year, what with having done pretty much anything they try to throw at us in my Further Maths a-level, and in my STEP Maths. So I can really concentrate on the Artificial Intelligence side of it - specifically the philosophy and psychology elements (i.e. the ones I have no experience of). Should be good.

Nobody is up yet, so I see no reason to stop writing, really.... Some git has re-started the "Gayness is genetic" thread in AGSC, and I have naturally felt the need to comment on a couple of right wing twits' somewhat moronic views. Why is it that nobody is liberal about things any more? Too many people with strong opinions which restrict how others wish to live their lives - what can that possibly achieve? Oh well, at least with homophobics you can start chatting them up, and they get all scared and worried about what people will think about them. That's always a good laugh. They just wind me up.... Ho hum.

Wow, this has turned into something of a lengthy post. Oh well, it'll make up for later, when I'll probably not write anything sensible, if anything at all. A day at work has the tendency to kill any creative urges I might have (I've not done any drawings since I started there, so I'll just place the blame on work), and I'm hardly original at the very best of times... Oh well, back to that wonderful "Random Journal" feature, so I can actually keep myself occupied..... More on these and other issues later, when I get home (in about 11 hours from now).


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