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Hmm, some marks
As many of you know, I scored a massive 0% on an assessment. This was one I spent a few weeks on, but utterly missed the point, handed it in late, etc. So it's no real surprise. That was Further AI. Now, if you recall, I did another assessment for that halfway through last term, which I was rather disappointed with. This is the program that I started at 9am on the morning it was due in, and finished by 11am. Anyway, I got the mark back for it, and I got 80%. Oh yeah... How cool is that? The average was about 45% or something.... Just goes to show how f'ing cool I can be sometimes - I knew those clever algorithms would help in the end :o)

Oh, also got my lovely little mark for my presentation back. 56%. Which isn't bad, considering I did no preparation for it, and was only able to engage a few people in debate. It'd be interesting to see what the other guy (the terrorism one) got on it - I would imagine very high marks. But I'm happy with 56% - I can pull that up with the end of course essay anyway :o)

So yeah, I'm generally happy with things right now. I have to find my candidate number still for my sick note for my latest program, but that's proving elusive. I'll find it though :o)


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