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My girlfriend just put a computer virus onto my computer. Oh, the irony....

Um, in other news... fuck, who cares about the other news, this is the interesting stuff... I have never in my life been virus'd before, it's quite interesting. And by that, I literally mean that I have never had a virus infiltrate any system I've used. But I've always wanted one, so that I could have a look at the source. Well I have it right here. "kak.hta", eh....

*grabs his 1337 70015 (that's "elite tools" in moron speak)

Right then....
[code snipped]
Interesting.... I'm off to analyze this, back in a minute...

Disclaimer: This post is meant for educational purposes only. The above source to the virus is not intended for use by people, and if I find you've used it to do anything bad, I'm coming to get you while you sleep, and Boolean Ted is coming with me.

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Congratulations on making my friend page scroll about 3 screens acorss, making almost everyone elses entry one very long line.


Really? That's odd, in my style it automatically breaks the long lines.... Hmm....

and thank you for confimrning that my virus scanner can still detect kak worm :-)

I use Opera. Maybe that has something to do with it.

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