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Ah, a nice solution....
I've plugged my CD player into my rear speakers. That is to say, the plug that would normally go into the rear output on my soundcard is now going into my CD player. Which therefore puts my CD through the subwoofer, and out of the two rear speakers, leaving the front two speakers still on the computer. It means I can't hear things that are meant to come from behind me on the computer, but that's only FPS games, which I've not played since I came back to Uni. So I'm not exactly missing out on much here...

Anyway, I've had enough of being alone. I only like short spells of it, but it's nice to know that I'm sat in a dark room with no external influences, and no contact with the outside world. Kinda like just sitting inside my own head for a while, which is something I often feel the need to do, but can't.

Or perhaps that's just nonsense bollocks made up in order to excuse me wandering off and ignoring the online world. Who knows? :o)


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