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How I'm feeling
Like everything is closing in at once. Mostly one wall gets closer as the other moves further away, and if I keep on top of things, I can just move with everything. But suddenly things are going wrong without an escape route. That's never fun. Everything is dulled - sounds have lost their edge, nothing I look at looks special, nothing is shiny, it's all just a mix of the same old stuff again and again. Why is life never good? Arg...

In other news, I've had a pizza. Unfortunately, I had rather few toppings available to myself, so I just had cheese and chicken. It's a cruel world that deprives a man of his pizza toppings. And there's little chocolate left in the cupboard - I shall have to buy some tomorrow morning before work starts... I'll be high on sugar by 8:15am, it'll be groovy...

Right now I've just finished a brief conversation with Mel, I've missed talking to David (nuts), I've said a bit to Emily, and I'm chatting to Stephanie - refreshing to talk to somebody who can spell for once, after some of the morons I encounter (yes David, I'm referring to you, in order to bug you :o) Ho hum.... More on my sad life later :o)

Final Hint: never drink Archers straight out of the bottle. Ugh, that is just horrible...

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(Deleted comment)
I drink beer occasionally, but it doesn't taste too nice... Mind you, nor does Archers, in my opinion... I don't think I'll drink that any more :o)

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