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Today's plan
Right, I've just been down to the shops to buy ingredients for my Ultimate Pizza. Yes indeed, and you thought there was just a sandwich. You were wrong :o)

So yeah, here's the deal. A Tomato/Marmite/Garlic/Herb based sauce on a pizza base, which tastes excellent, as I very well know. Then the contents of a fry-up on top of that. We're talking bacon and sausages (in small pieces, all of them). Cover this with grated cheese, and cook in the oven. The result of which, is incredibly yummy - perhaps getting on for as yummy as Pizza Hut. So long as I don't f'ck it up. Alternatively, I might be lazy and just eat a fry-up. Who knows?

Heh, love this quote from my journal back in August, about work:
Anyway, moving swiftly on. An amusing safety precaution. In a large, heavy perspex (or some similar thing, probably a lot stronger thinking about it) container they have Cadmium dust. This is not good for people. One of the things I was told in my safety training is not to bust open the case with a mallet (which is what it'd take) and eat a lot of the dust. I duly noted this down with dismay, and concentrated on the other psychotic-deviant behaviour I could to, like chiselling my head :o)
Heh... And especially this quote from August too:
After two failed long distance whatnots, I'm not going to get myself too involved in a third. I may be stupid, but I'm not three times stupid... Well, not last time I checked, but ask me again in a year.
OK, so I may try to predict my future actions, but at least I'm smart enough to realise the wholly changeable nature of my life :o) Oh, and then there's this from August too:
In David related news, I've not heard from him since his phone call yesterday. But he may well have an admirer (but I can't divulge more, she asked me not to), who incidentally got an A in her a-level music. So yay.
Bah. See David, I told you the whole Mel thing really was my fault - she told me she liked you, and then changed her mind, but if I'd kept shut up....


All ancient history, anyway. But still, I claim responsibility for messing you about there. I earned it :o)

Back to the present, and specifically today, my plans are as follows... Firstly, eat something, at some point. This will stop me dying when I complete the second part of my plan, which is to go on another run with James. Which ought to be good, although no doubt very tiring. He gets tired out so much quicker than I do, but for some reason he can carry on for longer when tired than I can. Oh well.

Then after that, I'm <shock> going to East Slope Bar with Ebs to watch the football. Liverpool's match. Part of me wishes them every success, part of me wants the ground to open up and consume their players in a pit of hell. We'll see how I feel when I get there, but in theory, if I want them to both win and lose, then I can't come away disappointed. A nice little trick there :o)

But right now, the plan is to sleep. And I just noticed, I've updated 5 times today, all between the hours of 4 and 5 (both AM and PM). Freaky. Or something :o)


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