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It's raining, and there are goblins outside my window. These concern me, and not necessarily in that order. Before you start telling me goblins don't exist, can I just point out, y'all know shit. I saw one just now, but it ran away. And, you know, maybe they don't exist, but maybe they don't know that they don't. Eh? Hmm, maybe it's too early in the morning for metaphysical conundrums...

The rain is nice - it's been too long since we've had rain (like, a few days or something), and I was beginning to miss it. The sound is very soothing, and comforting. And it brings with it the nice cold weather that, while uncomfortable, I'm at least used to. Stops my skin leaking sweat....

*looks around room*

Hmm, I don't suppose there's any reason for me to stay up much longer. I have a Maths workshop tomorrow, which I'm determined to attend - it's very important that I do.

*sees Jen*

Actually, you know what, going offline right now owuld be a daft idea. I have plenty of time to sleep before tomorrow, and I have the evenings this week when she'll not be about, so I can sleep then. My patterns are very easily changed right now.... :o)

Oh, and I'm writing a song. Thus far, I just have a bass tune to it, but that's all you need... And it goes DDDGGGCCCAAA... Or something... Well, that's for part of it anyway. I'm still trying to work out a lead, and perhaps some chords. Words are more important, and they're sat in my head already, so that's OK :o)


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