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Well this time I'm at least getting the time of day right - give me some credit for that. Anyway, I'm pissed off. It's Sunday night. 5 consecutive days of work await me after tonight, and that just plain sucks. On the other hand, my PC is being ordered tomorrow, so next weekend ought to be great fun - transferring all my data (MP3s, HTML, Downloads) across onto my wonderful new 20gb HDD. I'll have a CD-RW in there, so I shall probably start making copies of my games ASAP, so I can take them with me to Uni but still let the people at home play them.

Anyhow, nobody is online. After a conversation with -name removed- about how she hates people telling her they like her. Seems kinda strange, but who am I to judge anybody, eh? Ho hum...

Right now, I'm feeling a mixture of hunger, loneliness, boredom, anticipation, and pain. The pain, of course, is coming from my stomach cramps (not through hunger, God knows why I've got them), my intense chest pain which comes and goes, and of course, my leg, which still hurts from yesterday me punching it repeatedly as hard as I could in an attempt to get rid of my cramp (and it worked, but I'm bruised to hell)... Man, this sucks... If I'm not having fun in a couple of months' time, somebody kill me please... Ooh, this song is good... But then, I always thought that.


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