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Morning all...
Well, it's the morning. And I'm feeling a bit ill, which could well have been what was making me feel odd last night. Unless feeling ill now is a symptom of my depression, but I don't think so... Anyway, life is still boring. My weekends pretty much suck, but it's the only free time I get any more, so it's not as if I'd rather it was any other way.... So far today I've spoken to Mel about David and stuff, Phil about Maths, and I'm currently talking to Laura about random nonsense, as per usual.

And now I'm listening to Limp Bizkit very very loudly indeed. It can be heard from the hall, which is on the complete opposite side of the house. It's great. One of Ed's friends just came over, and I had to explain that he's not, like, here. Oh well...

Yay, now I'm grooving to reggae... Can my weekend get any better? :o)

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Well, it's the morning

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<pre><b>Well, it's the morning</b></pre>
<br>13:20 is <b><u>not</u></b> the morning. See, the big hand has gone past the number 12, which is when the morning turns into the afternoon.
<br>Dont they teach you anything at School no more? :¬)

It took me two hours to get past the subject. I just didn't bother changing the subject when I started writing. Case closed

Yes, if you were listening to KoRn your weekend would be better.

Nah, it would suck. Limp Bizkit are better than Korn, on account of not being morons

If it wasn't for KoRns (Morons in your view) Limp Bizkit would not Be . So you should kiss the "morons" ass for that. ! :)

I don't much like Limp Bizkit either... I blame Korn for inflicting them on me.

That being said, Break Stuff is good music to listen to if you're pissed at people....

2 Things:

1) Korn and LimpBizkit suck. Metallica *the old stuff* sounds MUCH better.

2) That picture is from Palace Chat - it's an avatar :O) *Ava's pic*

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