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Ah, very funny song this - The Ataris, The Last Song I Will Ever Write About a Girl.... I quote:
Why do I never seem to learn that
love is wrong and girls are fucking evil
No relevance to my life right now (Jen is wonderful, and very far from evil, so...), this quote, I must stress, but it's such a funny line. Well, I think so anyway :o)

Anyway, so, today.... I've done some maths work, chatted online to Jen (who is poorly at home, and very much deserves a hug), and checked out costs to America. Right now, I'm looking at about £500 for the journey, which doesn't seem so bad. Then I'll take another £500 for spending money. Well, provided I have a job for the summer, of course. Then that's half my summer money - the other half goes to my parents, and some on rent. Then I'll be getting some work for the second year at Uni - I've already been looking into that.

So yeah, things are really moving now. I still believe I can fit one month's worth of stuff into a rucksack, and nobody will ever convince me otherwise. Not long to go now :o)

Right, so then, after talking to Jen, I went and had a shower. I just love it so much when the water pressure doubles from "Reasonable" to "Unbearable", and the temperature drops from "Pleasant" to "Chilling". Of course, the instinctive reaction is to turn around and fix it, which is when you suddenly realise that your previously warm front has just been drenched in ice cold water, which is practically ripping your skin off. Yeah, I love when that happens.

Anyway, I very much expect that there will be more later :o)

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Serious suggestion

Then I'll be getting some work for the second year at Uni - I've already been looking into that.

You could apply to Pizza Hut - no really. Not only do they pay you (maybe not vast amounts but at least the minimum wage), but you also get free
pizza - I repeat, free pizza. And it's walking distance from your house.

Just a thought.

Glad to see that you have at least thought of working. How's the letter to Systech coming along?

Re: Serious suggestion

Aha, thanks for the suggestion. I'll certainly look into that :o)

As for the letter, it reads something akin to:

Dear Bryan,

I hope all is well with you and the company. I missed working for you at Easter (and not just the money, I must stress), and was hoping to have the chance to work for you during August and September, if possible. Would this arrangement suit you?

Lots of love, etc.

Or something along those lines anyway ;o)

Re: Serious suggestion

do I get to see you before you go to america? Im home the 17th june and I want my potter book..i know you've got it, but I could just collect it from your house but I would like to see you.:0)

Re: Serious suggestion

I dunno. I come home on like June 30th, leave on July 2nd or thereabouts...

Re: Serious suggestion

cheers for sounding sooooooooo enthusiastic about maybe seeing one of your friends...

Re: Serious suggestion

I'm just telling you how things are. I'd very much like to see you, but if I only have a couple of days at home during which I'll be packing, it might be difficult....

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