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Since the wee hours of the morning....
Here's what I've done on AudioGalaxy:

Sent: 12.81 MB / Recv: 156.31 MB

Not bad, really.... I like this software :o)

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Sorry i dont want to bitch about how much better my modem is, but i think it is necessary in this situation in 10 hours: recieved 1,836 mgbs approx.
get an adsl line, they are alot better

Bit more expensive though, isn't it :o)

but in my situation my parents are paying. I suppose in the next couple years as technology advances adsl lines or even faster lines (T3) will be common property, and we can download pron even faster (lol).

The new Service Pack for Win2k is about 100 MB. I don't think my modem will look at me in the same way if I even think about downloading it.

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