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Claire just gave me a spoon.

Um, don't ask, long story :o)

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Short story version? :)

Um, OK. On Friday, I needed a spoon. Claire just knocked on my door and gave me a spoon.

Better? :o)

Huzzah. Now raise aloft thine spoon, open thine gob and join us in the sacred mantra:

spooooooooon spooooooooooon spoooooooon


Azz, remember that talk we had about you being a very scary man...?

yeah, i bet she did... tell you what i'd like to give her...




See, this is what happens when I don't do big posts about Claire to explain things (which I should have done). Every action she does towards me is either sarcastic or just bitchy - on Friday, I was having to eat my chocolate mousse with my tongue because I didn't have any spoons, so she kept taking the piss for a while. Then she gave me the spoon earlier and told me that at least now I'd not make a mess of myself.

She only does this stuff to amuse herself. I just ignore it, for the most part.


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