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Ugh, nightmare
I had a dream where people I know and like died. Not a fan of such dreams :o(

Then I had one of these "Damn" moments. You know when you wake up, look in the mirror, and you're just wholly unimpressed? Well, that's every day for me. So imagine how much worse it is when you look in the mirror, and you just say "Damn", because you're still you. Hmph.

Downloaded 122mb of AudioGalaxy stuff in the last 23 hours or so. Not bad, really. I've taken to looking at Jen's posts, and adding any songs she's currently got playing. I've literally exhausted all the possibilities based on my current musical tastes as they stand. Downloaded those other Blink 182 songs I wanted, a few acoustic tracks by various people, I'm now out of ideas. So I just find bands others like, and download a few songs by them. Works for me :o)

Update: Specifically, "There goes my baby" by the Drifters. It's like two years since I heard that song. I really should ask my parents for a track list for the old tapes we used to listen to with that stuff on.

*looks at drifters songs*

*looks at Del Shannon CD*

Mmm, I'm getting there, slowly...... :o)

Update 2: Aha! I've just remembered some songs I want.... I've added, like, a ton of Beach Boys and Jan & Dean songs now. Woohoo :o)


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