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Fuck yeah!
I only went and fucking well fixed my computer. AudioGalaxy can now see the server, what amounted to a personal firewall running on my very network protocols has now been eliminated. Wish I could pin down exactly what it was, but I can't. DMZ told me to remove something which should fix it - removing said thing killed it all completely, couldn't get online for about half an hour. Bad. In this time, I installed every conceivable network protocol, then removed all the components I didn't really want. Shuffling everything around, I removed all my dial-up adapters and then reinstalled them. After 19 (yes, count them) reboots, I finally got back online, and my computer is now finally open to the world. I can probably receive ICQ file sends, I can probably send files via MSN Messenger, and... well... probably get my arse hax0red as well. But still, the point is, I'm now surfing the proper way - totally vulnerable, but able to do as I please.


But shit was it scary when I found I couldn't get online, and couldn't fix it. And people wonder why it is that I hesitate to tamper with this thing :o)

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Right to reply

I didn't actually tell you to remove it, as such. There was a... errrr... breakdown in communication.

Just mark it down as one of life's many learning experiences. :-)

Yes, a breakdown in communication made infinitely worse by the fact that, once I had removed it, further communication was rendered impossible :o)

But all's well that ends well, and it did fix the problem, so thanks :o)

Re: Right to reply

Damn. You have my phone number now. However, I get this strange feeling I'm safe :-)

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