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... yeah, well, we watched Scream 3. Jimbo spent half the movie asking people who the killer was, since he couldn't wait until the end. He has this habit of asking questions during movies that you just know are going to either be answered in that very scene, or that will at least be answered by the end... Annoying, kinda :o)

Anyway, before the film, Lollo was threatening to get me all soaked again (grr), so I pretended to pour the contents of my water filter over her lap. Well, when I say "pretended", I mean, I tried to pretend. But I misjudged it, and kinda got her rather drenched. It looked like she'd wet herself.... So she had to go change. Oops. I'm seriously for it now, I can just tell. I'll have to watch where I go from now on, in case she's there waiting :o|

Anyhow, Claire, Jimbo, Alex, Lollo and myself watched the film. Very entertaining (again), and I think they enjoyed it. Jimbo still hasn't seen Scream 2, the poor lad, so he didn't get many of the references... Oh well. Anyhow, yeah, good fun :o)

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