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So it's come to this...
Disappointed with my failure at thinking up any decent lyrics to a good rock song, and unable to find the creativity within me to draw any more anime, I have elected to listen to my Bloodhound Gang albums, and groove along to some hip-hop. Somebody save me quick :o)

Ah, but now, of course, the wonderful song "Eleanor Young" by Colorfinger (former band of Everclear's lead singer Art Alexakis) comes on - good punk rock type stuff (although the MP3 tag states that it's merely "Alternative")... Yay, something I can play on my guitar too. But I don't think I'll record this one - I don't want to embarass myself twice in one day.

Damn, I'm lonely. Sod this whole thing, why do I have to wait so bloody long until I get to go to Uni.... *sigh*


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