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We was robbed
Fucking hand-ball committing wankers, they lot of 'em ;o)

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That much is true at least, over the ball. But the last 15 minutes were ace...

You have grapes. They are sour.

Are you suggesting that Liverpool didn't cheat heinously, and that the referee wasn't blind?

I don't care much about football.

So, on principle, Liverpool played faily and the ref made good descisions.

Then you, sir, are a fool. Go watch the game properly.

Yes, truth be told - there were a few interesting events. But still, its only a game.

You're not singing any more! You're not singing *any* *more*

Oh look who was right? Of course it was me... Liverpool! North beats the fairies in the south...

2-1! 2-1!

I think you owe me some money James... yes I know we didn't bet, but you still owe me some money.

Re: You're not singing any more! You're not singing *any* *more*

Yes, I owe you money. Why don't you come down here and collect it. I will be waiting for you with this man:

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