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Right then
Bed time for me, I think. Tomorrow we're all off into Brighton, because Vicky might be on this TV show thing, so we're all going along to show our support. Well, they are. I'm going along because I'll get to go to Burger King and feed myself. Then perhaps go to the supermarket and buy stuff to last me until my parents come visit.

Anyway, that's provided I wake up on time. So I'll be off to bed now.

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And now the ants come...

thats not your hand is it young man???

No, Its my ant warriors, come to slowly peck away at the humans defenses...while he sleeps, unknowingly...

ummmmm, and to what purpose do you instruct your ants? World domination? also bloody big hand for an ant, doubt webs could tread on them!

as in ants are small...that hand would be large for an ant and thats who you said the hand belonged to...ok?

the one on ur face in your pic...


No, thats my gfs :p

well i didn't think it was yours or an ants sooooooooooooooooooo, there we are.

But I could always be consorting with an ant..

yep sorry bit quick of the mark there I was...errr but as they are your army (that is the ants) aren't u abusing your position of power?

Probably... but this aint no democracy im running here.

tsk...is this poor female alright? you power crazied maniac. Have you seen the film 'A Bugs life'?

Heh, ask the poor girl herself...

And yeh.. ages ago..

well she don't look like no ant and i can't be bothered...im a work shy type thing. Errrr yep toystory2 was better

I havent seen it!

Dont scold me, else Ill hafta send my ant warriors after you!

your ants don't scare me...go get a copy of that vvvv good film. Or I'll set my toys on you!!!

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