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I feel odd in the head. It's weird... It's not a pleasant feeling. I can only describe it with colors and ideas, not words, but it's really not a nice feeling. It's either a sugar overdose, or the onset of another bout of depression (which is normally preceeded by me feeling strange). Either that, or I ought to put the light on to brighten up the room a bit more or something. I dunno how I can be depressed - I just got amazing a-level results, I'm getting my new computer in a couple of days, my website is going well, I've done lots of HTML today, ate good food, and played lots of guitar. Oh, speaking of which...

Here is a song which I've been playing a bit on guitar. It's obviously illegal for me to distribute the MP3 of the song, but it's not illegal (as far as I know) to distribute a 40 second poor quality clip of me playing it on guitar. Note: it sounds so much better when not recorded with my shitty mic which has to literally go inside the body of the guitar to pick up the sound.

Perhaps I should draw. I've got my new photo of me - I ought to do a drawing of it. Or perhaps I should stick to more anime-style stuff, with the groovy spiky hair, large busts, smoothed features, pointy noses, and lots of cool guns... But then again, I've got a scene of three people (Jo, Becky and Jim), and I'm simply too lazy to add anybody else into it. Ho hum....


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