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It's less than 12 hours since I had my shower, and I already feel like I need another one. That's what this icky weather does to you...

My room has some ants. But not where you'd expect them. They're nowhere near my sugar, or my bin. My solutions are as follows:
  • Ant Powder, for the boring but efficient method
  • Cinnamon, for the creative, nice smelling method
  • Miniature Land Mines, for the insane scientist cartoon-humour method
Anybody got any other suggestions on how to kill the fuckers? Feel free to suggest away :o)

Today I learned that my sister has inherited (or indeed stolen) my sense of humour. It's kinda worrying really, how much of an effect I must have had on her poor little mind as she grew up. Poor girl :o)

I finished the new Pratchett book Thief of Time last night - I was very impressed. Same old jokes, but they have been ever since day one. However, the philosophical ideas behind it were excellent, and the whole story came together very nicely, in a way that has you practically cheering at the end. Very good :o)

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  • Salt.

  • Boiling water.

  • Hand grenade.

  • Salt is for slugs, Boiling water is for outdoors (this is in my room here), so I think I'll just grenade the fuckers

    (Deleted comment)

    Re: Ants and sisters

    I like the idea of exploding them, although if possible, I'd like it done within my sight, and preferably through some pyrotechnic wizardry. Exploding them with eating is all well and good, but some of us want to explode them with good old-fashioned fire :o)

    Do you know if it's possible to sue for the breach of copyright inherent in her stealing my sense of humour? It seems awfully cheeky of her to just use my humour, rather than finding her own......

    Damnit I want the new TP book. :-(

    He's in Leeds signing copies on the 27th I believe, so I'm going to get it then.

    your poor poor family, but hell I like your humour so i am sorted when i visit...or should that be insulted constantly?!?!?!?

    My personal favourite is a lighter and a can of deoderant (sp?) then curry the little sods!!

    Palmolive dish soap...weird, but true.

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