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Dave, who is this an impression of? Think hair. Just imagine my hair is longer :o)

[Picture Snipped]

Adam, you can try guessing too :o)

Really hated that picture.

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Look, its a monkey! Here monkey! Monkey want a peanut?

*makes monkey noises*

*drives Scott and his species of disease carrying vermin to extinction*

At least I don't have a large red ass.

At least I have a large red ass.

What is life like with a red arse?

Pretty standard. What's life like as an australian marsupial?

Bamboo is a nightmare, but I make do.

Spikey haired boy? : )

Probably, however few people my sister knows are given their proper names... : )

Spikey haired boy (Ben)
Walesy the goat (Angela)
Frizz head (Ellen)
Mute (Alexandra)
Rat 'tash (Charlie)

and so on...

They do not deserve mortal names? :o)

No, for had you seen them you would realise they are Not Of This Earth


Excuse me, I happen to be a friend of the Farcical Dave's sister and all of her friends are of this planet. Ben is kool, and so are all the others. Just because he doesn't get on with Emma doesn't mean that he should rag her mates.

Fine in that case I will rag her mates, they are all weirdos and as Dave said they are not of this earth.

Ben's hair terrified me to my very soul. I thought it was watching me......

As for her other friends, I do not know them, but I trust Dave and Adam completely, and will let them decide my thoughts for me.

Your thoughts are that you are going to give me £500 immediately.

I obey. And while I'm at it, I will pay James £1000. This message is legally binding.

I see throught you you evil type Unknown James person you.

You will no longer receive the money. More for James.

"Ben is kool"

I bet you're l33t too aren't you?

Oh and what a telling off you just gave me, I see now how misguided I've been and that I must correct my actions!

And don't you just love anonymous comments.

It wasn't me...

Honest guv. Quite amusing, none the less.

Just taking the piss now

All I can say u actually take the time to get to know these people??? NO! I could sit here and rag all of you, because we have all met both Dave and Adam and to be quite honest we don't think much of them either! Also...Dave this is what we all want to say to you....YOU NEED TO GET OUT MORE! All you seem do is eat, sleep, sit in your room and go on the PC. So, do not rag her or us....ANY OF YOU, cos you lot are not much better yourselves!

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