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Books, one blue, one red. My original journals, going back three years. Not much in them, just memories I don't want to lose. I'll either scan them, or copy them up sometime. Reading through, it's.... interesting.... How I used to see things, people, that sort of thing. Very curious indeed :o)

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why hello there!

hello there u sexy thang!
i saw your piccy on the web page & i couldn't resist to send u a message.
sooooo james, here it is!
just want u to know how sexy you are!
gave me some good new wank material.
have a good and healthy life.

Re: why hello there!


OK kids, one whole British pound to the first person who can spot the obvious paragraph style and spelling tendencies here ;o)

Re: why hello there!

It looks like that Brian guy, insomniac or something innit?

Re: why hello there!

It's not for me to point the finger at anybody.....

But I hope not. If I'm to be used as wank material, I at least want it to be a cute guy doing the wanking.....

Re: why hello there!

Hmm if it's not him then I must ask - "Do I actually know of this person?"

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