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Ow Ow Ow
VERY painful knee..... Rheumatism.... Ouch.... Shit...... Ouch......

*takes medicine*

*goes back to bed*

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I think I can diagnose your sudden ailment. I have reason to believe you have come down with a case of hypochondria.

Nope, 'twas a several hours long stint of rheumatism. Sorry Dr Cross...

I get real bad Rheumatism too somedays, something to do with all the operations I've had on my leg. My knee and thigh gets terrible some days, but then my dad has it too so it must be in the family...

Yeah, both my mother and brother get it too...

Ouch :-(
It totally sucks, are you on medication like?
Mine doesn't really get that bad that often...

Nah, just paracetamol... Although rubbing Ralgex on the affected area soothes it, a little...

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