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The stars are out
Looking very pretty, too....

Oh, the following just in from IRC, not that it's so entertaining, but I liked it.... Kit can be so amusing at times :o)
[23:13] Deity1: aren't i nice
[23:13] Deity1: You donated 500000 Eonium to The Inane Dirk of Lübella
[23:14] UnknownJ: You donated 100000000 Eonium to The Arcane Chas of Arcania
[23:14] UnknownJ: Aren't I nicer
[23:14] Deity1: You donated 50000000000000000000000000 Eonium to The Arcane Chas of Arcania
[23:14] Deity1: so nerrrrr
[23:14] UnknownJ: Suckup
[23:15] Deity1: his apods are just *really* fuel hungry
[23:15] Deity1: either that or he's gettin' high on the stuff
[23:15] UnknownJ: And I think we all know which is most likely
[23:15] Deity1: i'm guessing your not thinking of option 1?
[23:16] UnknownJ: They don't call him "Hippy Chas" because of his dodgy joints...... no, wait........
[23:16] Deity1: lol, that was quite good
[23:17] Deity1: oops...killed another 4 of dirk's pods...
[23:17] Deity1: ah well...keeps him on his toes
[23:17] UnknownJ: Oops ;o)
[23:17] UnknownJ: How?
[23:17] UnknownJ: *ROTFLMAO*
[23:17] Deity1: my fleet sort of...returned...
[23:17] UnknownJ: Only Sort Of?
[23:17] Deity1: i thought they would miss but i was wrong.
[23:18] Deity1: ah well
Feeling better after my shower, and feeling much less dead. Yay me :o)


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