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Right, kids, instructions if you want to see Vicky and Sarah in a Budweiser commercial.
  1. Go to the website (and pretend to be 21, even though 18 is legal in Britain)
  2. Click on the "Take 5" image
  3. Click on the "Winners" menu
  4. Select "Brighton", and "Movie 2"
  5. Watch the movie that's downloaded. They got people from the public to do the Wassuuuuuuuuuuuup thingie. The first person will be some girl, then there's a guy, then the next pair of people are Vicky (on the left) and Sarah (on the right)
Anyway, that's a nice diversion for a few minutes. I'd point out other people I know in it that you should look out for, but I can't be arsed working out exactly where they all appear in the ad, so...

More soon

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I tried to download it but it timed out or something after I hit save target before it got to the actual downloading stage, so I'll try again later...

Timed out for me too, but I just let it download the normal way, and played it from the browser.

Ho hum, I'll just do that then...

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