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Windows open, beautiful blue skies, the occasional fluffy white cloud, warm breeze.... I love this time of year, even moreso when I have hardly anything to do with my time... I'd go into Brighton, and go shopping and stuff, but right now, I'd much rather just sit around in the sun, so I'll do that. Those things on my shopping list can be procured later, or indeed from the Student Union Shop later should I really find I need them. The money I'd save by going to the supermarket would only be spent on the train ticket there....

Right now I'm listening to my nice Blink 182 - Adam's Song Single. It doesn't have the video on like it's meant to, but it does have two versions of Adam's Song (one being the Single Edit, which I have to say is only slightly different, but isn't so bad at all really), plus one of Going Away to College live. This quote says it all...
Tom: We're gonna sing a song that's gonna make all the ladies gonna fall in love, ladies gonna fall in love, ladies gonna fall in love...
Mark: When did you turn into such an idiot?
Tom: Hey, I got that shit from Elvis, fucker, Elvis taught me that
Mark: Hey, I been acting like an idiot since back in '91 dude, you're just acting like an asshole because it's trendy
Tom: Dude, I've been an asshole since '89. Fuck yeah...
And then they go into the song, whose drum beat is just so vastly superior to any other version I've heard. And they do a really good job of it, to be honest, which is nice. Well, until the chorus, but heck, you can't have everything :o)

Then we have Adam's Song live...
"When you've got a package this nice, you gotta gift-wrap it"
An endorsement of nice underwear... Heh... It's a damned nice live version, actually - I prefer it to the Mark, Tom and Travis show one. And since it's like, one of the best songs ever (and I mean that objectively, rather from my point of view - it is a fantastic song), this is very good. Especially the final chorus, which is just done beautifully. I need to send this CD to my brother, I think. The last song on the single is a live version of Wendy Clear, a song which frankly just gets on my tits. And there's no banter at the start. However, a quick fast-forward (as you do) to the end reveals that there's stuff there. But it's just them saying thanks and stuff to the audience. Oh well.

I like this CD :o)

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Adam's song is the most depressing piece of music I have on my hard-drive... eugh.

I personally think it's a really powerful song, and certainly one of the best done songs Blink ever did...

eh where did those definitions go? you know communsim/fascism cow thingy.....i was going to show my friend and now it's gone....did i dream it? if i didn't could you send it to me in the mail? thanx

It can be found here:

I had a bugger of a time finding it in amongst the rest of my crap :o)

Sank u

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