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Ooh, pretty
I actually managed to get a webcam shot out of my window. You have to wait until 5am so that the natural light doesn't saturate the thing totally, and you can't do it at dusk because my window faces West. Anyway, here's a close approximation to the view from my room:

In the last 30 minutes, my room has gone from practically black to being very light, and the sky is now light blue rather than a dark one. It's beautiful watching the sunrise backwards. Most people look at the sun as it comes up, or how it affects the clouds around the East and stuff. I prefer to watch the West, watch the night fading away, often with the beautiful haze on the horizon and the moon slowly going down. Plus, out of my window straight ahead you have the hills - to the left a bit they're covered with woods, to the right, fields of grass. And all the time seagulls calling out, birds chirping. It really is lovely. And right now, the moon is big and yellow (and has been since it was dark), and is nearing the horizon. It's just.... breathtaking.

This is why I'd hate to always be asleep at dawn - when I was younger, I used to get up at 3am, come downstairs, eat breakfast, go on the computer, and watch the sun come up, always looking west. I dunno why - it just seems to be more interesting or something....


The world is a beautiful place :o)

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>The world is a beautiful place :o)

If you dare say this ever again I will personally castrate you. :p

The world is a beautiful place :o)

/me tries to castrate James but the guy seems to be missing something vital to a castration...

Yes, I am missing something. Namely, close proximity to the person attempting said castration.

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