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Phil and Matthew are coming over, hopefully with my Star Wars videos which Matthew has stolen. From there, we may go over, pick up Jon, and go over to the offices of our local newspaper, being the remaining people with three A's in the area. We'll have a chat about why it is that they only interviewed girls who'd been at the school for two years or less, rather than the four of us, who've been there 7 years each. Ho hum

Oh, on that subject, my evil ex girlfriend Liz had a thing for Matthew a while back too. This was on the basis of one photo, and she wanted me to get him to get in contact with her. Ha! He's mine, I tells yer... Uh, no, wait. Actually, at results day, with his father (who used to be a big boss person at our school until recently) stood behind him, I called out "Matthew, my darling!" It's all a bit of fun really, I won't see most of the people from that day ever again, so who cares?

Anyway, I ought to go to sleep now. They'll hopefully be over at 11:30 tomorrow morning (which is 6:30am EST, just so you know) and I have to tidy the house before they come over. We shall have to show Matthew the newspaper article (which he's not yet seen), and naturally, I can show him a load of my Star Wars toys - he appreciates quality stuff like that. Yes, I'm sad, but I don't give a damn any more. Come October 2nd I'm a hundred miles away, in University, and won't ever have to talk to most people from here again. I'll keep in touch with Oliver, Ben, Phil, Matthew, Chris, Mike, Dan, a couple of others, but for the most part, I'm gone out of peoples' lives. Just as well I'll still have this thing, really :o)

G'night, love you all, in my own odd sort of way :o)

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You'll stay in contact with me, won't you? =-)

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