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A Plan
Right, so, a plan for things to come..... Go to bed later. Much later. As per. Get up at a shocking 9:30am to go to my CompSoc lecture at 10:15. Dos about, as you do, from 11:30 until 12:30, whereupon I go to my Algebra and Geometry II lecture. Get out at 1:20pm. Take the train into Lewes, and go to the supermarket. Shop for foodstuffs, including:
  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Pizza Bases
  • Bacon
  • Cheese
  • Sausages
  • Peanut Butter
  • Bread?
  • Brandy?
  • Ham
  • Stuff
Despite my new-found whole not drinking much thing, buying a bottle of brandy will allow me to socialise with flatmates a little, without costing a bomb. Earlier when we were out the back sunbathing, several people were drinking minimal quantities of alcohol, which was nice. It'd be nice to be able to just relax and do that.... It also means I don't have to go to f'ing East Slope Bar (which sucks) in order to get a drink if one is required.

There is a chance that before shopping, I'll pop into Brighton and get myself a meal from Burger King. I'd quite like to treat myself, and since I'm feeling hungry, that's probably the best way. Yummy, a couple of Bacon Double Cheeseburgers to eat while I travel to Lewes and try to find the supermarket again. IIRC, it's over the bridge, turn right, and follow the road. We'll see. While in Brighton I can run a couple of errands, which at least gives me a purpose.

Anyhow, so, let's see..... Immediate plans include having some cereal, perhaps playing a little Diablo 2, tidying my room a little perhaps, then most likely going to bed. Naturally, I'll be up until about 3am or so, but that's just usual now. I've not gone to bed earlier than that in weeks, since I'm having naps in the afternoons. Anyway, best check on the status of my milk in the fridge, so I can feed myself. Yummy. Stay tuned..... :o)


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