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I am wet
Yes, I am wet. Actually, I am beyond wet, I am soaked. Here's the story...

So, we were all outside. By "all", I actually mean myself, James, Ebs, Alex, Harry and Claire. Sunbathing on our towels, as you do... Anyway, then Ebs, James and I decided to play Frisbee to pass some time in the sun, which was nice - I'm getting better and better at doing forehand throws (as opposed to the commonly used backhand ones), and jumping catches and stuff. Yay me...

Anyway, we then went back to sunbathing when it got too warm to be running about. Just lying on our fronts on our towels on the grass, as you do, before Harry chucked a bit of water at James. He responded by emptying his entire mug of water over her, which didn't amuse her. She ran indoors, and came out with a two litre bottle of water, which she proceeded to chase James with. We got to a stand-off, so I ran in behind her, grabbed the bottle out of her hands, and gave it to James, who then threw a bit of water at her. She attacked him to get the bottle back, knocked herself down to the floor, and just lay there as James poured the water all over her. Aha. She then went in, and got some food, and we went back to sunbathing.

Anyway, fast-forward a few minutes, and I'm lying there, minding my own business, and suddenly my legs feel wet. Then my ass. Then my back. Then my head. Yes, she's gone, filled up her two litre bottle with water, and just poured half of it over me. The other half she's saving for James, but he's too fast for her, and runs off. Damn. So I go and fill up my water filter with 3l of ice cold water, and go outside. My Mission: To wet James. See, I deserved it for double crossing Harry, but he deserves to get wet to. Sadly, he runs inside, where I talk to him about it, then come back out again. Harry is lying in wait for him by the back door. He walks through with a mug of water, and they both get each other wet.

At this point, I was left with 3l of water, and nothing to do with it. So, naturally, the approach is to take the top off the filter, thus turning it into a 3l bucket, and launch the entire contents at Harry, just as she turns around to face me. So yeah, she was utterly soaked by that, which was entertaining. And then I came indoors to put some dry clothes on, which is where you find me right now. Fun :o)

The pub crawl was called off since only one bar was open - you can't really have a pub crawl with only one venue, after all. So just a few quick drinks for them (I was still asleep at this time), and then sunbathing. Now that sounds much more like my kind of day :o)


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