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My hair is vertical at the front now... Dunno why... It seems to go fuzzy every now and again, see:


*examines hair critically*

Oh well, a few more weeks, and it'll be perfect, just in time for the concert. I'll be able to have it just how I want it :o)

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no more pictures of you in public! in fact, don't even leave your room again! i don't want anyone else looking at you (*cough*gabby*cough*) and getting ideas that make me jealous...

*boots Gabby off friends list and restricts all posts*

Fixed ;o)

*goes off to take a load of stupid pictures for a private post, just to look daft*

Ah! I zee you are going fur zie Jean-Claude Vhan dhamm luuk. Good luck viz dat.

Um.... yeah, sure, that's the look I'm going for...

*wonders what medication TMA has been taking*

Or what medication he hasn't been taking... ; )

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