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Just had a 45 minute long phone conversation with TMA... It's actually surprising how often I call my friends off the 'net - there's Dave, David, TMA, occasionally Kit... Anyhow, spoke to him for ages, about not much in particular. But it made a nice change, and it was interesting to hear a human voice in my room for once ;o)

In other news, other news is not occuring right now. Nowt to report :o)

Update: Actually, I could always write a song. Yeah, I'll do that...

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So surprisingly often that they actually have to call you... :p

I've called you several times. I vividly remember being sat on my sofa, phoning this number, and exclaiming "Howdy TMA!", which was pretty much how I greeted you every time I called you from then on. I think I phoned you twice from my house, once from my uni, and perhaps once or twice from my mobile. By comparison, you've called me once, you heartless bastard :o)

How about friends you've known for a while, in 'real life' and who use the net to keep up with you? Only joking!!!

Nah, I never feel compelled to call such people ;o)

humph....I'll come and get u in the summer then, when r u home?

In theory, I'm home August and September, although I'll be working every week day of both.

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