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Oh, before I forget...
I've not explained last night, beyond the film. So yeah, had a shower, and more importantly, I also had a shave. First time in two weeks, which is quite a long time (especially by a certain somebody's standards)... The hair was beginning to verge on rampant, and had to go. Speaking of rampant hair, if I put my webcam on now, you'd all laugh. It's gone all fluffy and fuzzy, and looks like a mini afro right now. So the webcam stays off :o)

Anyway, after the film, myself, Annie and Vicky came back to my room to watch Trigger Happy TV, which was (obviously) endlessly amusing. We passed the time by eating Hob Nobs, sweeties, and the ultimate in snack food - Buttered Pringles. Yes, take your regular, standard pringles, and use them to scoop up very soft butter. The end result is a snack that tastes so good (in my opinion, and they kept eating it, so they must have thought so too), but probably lethal. Ah, but it's a nice way to go :o)

We then watched a TV show called "Are you experienced?". It was in fact really great, the first segment of it being "Things to do before you're 20". It basically gives the various milestones in life, and which you're meant to have achieved by which age. Frankly, I've accomplished pretty much everything I'm meant to before the age of 20, with the exception of getting off my head on illegal substances, and frankly, I'm not expecting to do that. Not after the night everybody went nuts here after doing drugs. No thanks :o)

Anyway, the whole program was just generally very good, and actually managed to be uplifting right at the end, even though the last segment was all about things you should do before you die. After that, I watched some Jack Dee, who is still a bloody genius of comedy. Not much to say about that though - things are never funny when repeated.

Anyhow, I'm off to be constructive. More later :o)

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"...with the exception of getting off my head on illegal substances, and frankly, I'm not expecting to do that. Not after the night everybody went nuts here after doing drugs..."

everything in moderation my good man, hehe

There speaks somebody who really doesn't have any real experience of drugs (and I don't mean personal experience of doing them - for all I know, you could be a heroin addict or something, but that doesn't instantly qualify you to know what's good and what's not). Believe me, the whole "in moderation" thing doesn't miraculously save you from having a shitty time. You can't hide behind that, because that's really not how it works.

well, the comment feature said "be a smartass" i was being a smartass
also, something to mention, i do have alot of personal experience with drugs, possibly alot more than u, i have lost alot of friends cos of drugs (LSD, coke, and even something as mild as weed have contributed to these)
so please dont make comments about me that u cant back up
twas the simple fact that the moderation aspect wasnt there with my friends that they got totally fucked up and hence i refuse to speak to them now due to every other sentence coming from them being "brian, lend me some money"
once again, u jump to an immediate conclusion with no backup information
its better to know who ure talking to when ure talking about them =)

Re: begging ure pardon

I didn't necessarily say it about you - I was saying it about the comment. Any person who can say that drugs in moderation is always OK can't possibly be as experienced as they think they are. Because that's just not the case.

Re: begging ure pardon


Re: begging ure pardon

Thank you for your thought out and well-reasoned argument. It's refreshing to meet somebody with your debate skills.

theres not really much point debating on something which 2 people r simply not going to agree on ever
agreed? hehe

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