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I am looking damned sharp right now... My new jeans (which are perhaps a wee bit on the tight side, now I think about it), my black dragon t-shirt, and my new blue jacket, all contributing to... I dunno... some form of image, presumably. I felt nice and confident as I strolled down to the shops to get bread and butter (two of my most important foods).

Anyway, so, they bus we have to catch leaves in an hour, which gives me plenty of time to.... do.... stuff.... Hmm, not that I can decide on what to do, but still.... Thinking more about my community journal, and how I'll do the style for it - it ought to be quite a challenge, doing it how I want to. I'll probably have to pay a bit to get it upgraded to a paid account, just for the duration of the summer, obviously. Or not. I dunno. We'll see...

Anyhow, more later, probably after the film... Watch out for my review - if The Hole is any good at all, I'll write one :o)


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