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Ho hum
Just had a conversation with Karen... That's the longest time we've spoken to each other without either her bitching, or me telling her I still feel the same about her in a long time. She did splendidly in her exams (as we all knew she would), and is now off to Ballyfermot to do an art degree. Fun, I'm sure...

In other news, spoke to David, who really shouldn't use MSN. Right now I'm having an argument with Emily about whether Nick is good or evil (I still maintain that he's good). Faced with no possibility of winning the argument, she has decided to depart. No great loss there then. And now I'm talking to Jo about going to the gym... Grrr

Big Brother will be on soon, so I shall watch that. I may also work a bit on the website (forgot to ask David if my FUQ amused him)... He still looks online, which means that whoever logs on as him will get his account. I know his password, so I could log him off, but he's already on, so I can't. If you catch my meaning. Ho hum...

Right now I'm rather bored, although I do get to go to Bekonscot (spelling is probably messed, but) if I'd like to, but I may elect to stay home instead. Model Railways are fun I guess, since they take me back about 10 years of my life, but my free time is suddenly precious to me. Why I spend it talking to this journal, I really do not know ;o)

Listened to the new version of Ordinary World - it has a nice beat I suppose, and the music does lend itself to that particular style nicely. I still think it's a travesty, and hate it, but I shan't deny that it's not really a bad song. It's just a bad cover of one of the greatest songs ever....

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Who is David in relation to you? No relation? Friend? I'm confused.

It's a sort of best mate / trusted confidante deal... When he's about, we generally talk for about four hours a night, and we're working on a groovy joint project which is fun...

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