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I just mailed my Chemistry teacher from Year 12, Mr Parry, to tell him how we all got on and such. I thought that was a nice gesture. Gifts for my teachers are going well, I know what I'm getting Mr Ryder, Miss Fuller and Mrs Hawley, but not yet sure what to get Miss Round or Mrs Lord... I'm sure I'll think of something though. If only I still had my Year 7 report, I could give Mrs Lord a copy (since she taught me back then), which'd be nice... Oh well...

In other news, I'm still laughing profusely at the article in our local paper about our school principal, who has now left, after driving erratically with her children in the car while three times over the limit, having broken down from stress. I've little sympathy - she's done nothing of worth for the school over the past few years, and has attempted several reforms (change of name - failed, bringing back the ties for GCSE students - succeeded, changing the school colors - half succeeded so far) which were of no real use. I'm sorry, but she really was a waste of space, who took little interest on a personal level. Her one redeeming act was trying to get a few of us sorted for applying to Oxford and Cambridge, and sorting out a General Studies paper. On the other hand, this affected about 8 of us, hardly a significant majority there... Ho hum...


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