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Thanks David
Kids, here's a word of advice. If you do not have a friend who is to you what David is to me, then go out there and get yourself one. He calls when I'm depressed, he talks me through it, and gives damn good advice. Great guy :o)

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ermm, where can a I buy one of these friends.. and is delivery free?

*looks at David*

I dunno, you might have to pay handling. And nobody is going to handle David for less than a large sum of money..... ;o)

fair point. Maybe I could find someone wandering around the streets and offer them gratuitous amounts of JD if they be my good friend?


*falls down*

hehe, sorry, bored :)

*enters general state of confusion along with the rest of LJ*

Crisis averted now though?

Yes. You weren't about, f3wl :oP

Regrettably I had been removed by a parental unit...this may or may not have been accomplished with the aid of a crow bar some fairy liquid and a Twix.

(Deleted comment)
You are my David. awwwww, hope you are feeling better xxx

Awww :o)

Thanks :o)

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