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You know when you're on the edge of sleeping, and your brain starts talking nonsense? My brain just said
"Come into the library once next wednesday nice madam you and then they fill it all out"
How weird.... The voices in my head really aren't trying so hard to be coherent any more, eh... :o)

Anyway, I'm feeling nice. I was a bit warm in my room, so I took my shirt off, and I'm now sat by the window, the cool (not at all cold) breeze softly breathing across my skin. Mental imagery you probably didn't need there, but I think it's worth saying - it's such a pleasant feeling, just like when you're lying in a field in summer, and the cool breeze is just gently cooling you. Puts me in mind of being back at primary school, lying on the small hill there with Kate, Adam, Dan, Paula and the rest of them. Ah, I miss those days.... I miss all days gone by, really - they look so much happier in retrospect. It's reassuring - you really do just remember the good things, it seems. I'm sure I'll look back on my time at Uni, and not even notice the depression or anxiety - I know I can look back on my life years ago and totally overlook those parts. It's nice to know that I'll be left with the nice memories in the end...


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