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Types of people
There are two types of decent people. You have nice guys, and you have good guys. And they're not the same. See, a good guy will do what's best, and try to make things work out. A nice guy will just be nice, which generally doesn't help anything. For instance, if a girl I liked wanted to date one of my best friends, the nice thing to do would be to conceal my feelings and tell them I was happy with it. However, the good thing to do would be to let them all know how you feel.... Ho hum...

In David related news, I've not heard from him since his phone call yesterday. But he may well have an admirer (but I can't divulge more, she asked me not to), who incidentally got an A in her a-level music. So yay.

And now, about me being cross. I am cross. On the front page of our local newspaper they have an article on the a-level results. They state very nicely (although we already knew) that there were just 7 people at our school who achieved three grade A's or better. These 7 are Lucie Williams, Beth Mavin, Nova somethingorother, James Webley (me), Phil Davies, Jon Newman, and Matthew Schurch. However, strangely enough, they only interviewed Lucie, Beth, Nova, and some bird who got AAC, and is off to do art foundation at a local poly. Now I probably wouldn't have had anything to say about my grades, but it would have been nice to be considered (given that the above did three a-levels each, and the guys among those seven each did four or five). As far as I know, they didn't contact any of the guys who got three A's, and didn't contact Phil who got four A's - best grade in the school. In a year where, yet again, girls did better than boys, it seems silly that they didn't at least point out that more than half of those seven were guys.... There really is something up with that, in my opinion. Oh well, can't really complain - I'm going off to Uni in order to get a better job than those stupid reporters can manage :oP

OK, so I'm bitter. So what, I'm allowed to be. It's my life, and I shall live it in as self-absorbed a way as I like :o)

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Bloody self-riotous wankers aren't they don't want to make them selves look stupid saying girls are better than boys but then having to print the opposite on the front page.
You be bitter. 8)

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