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Ate pizza, which was nice. Got call from David lasting about 40 seconds, which was also nice. Then got invited out for a game of snooker with my mates. That was less nice, because once again, I lost. After 15 minutes, I had potted about 4 balls, they'd potted none. But they were ahead by 20 points on fouls by Dan, who was paired up with me...

Grant still hasn't left the confines of his house yet - he didn't go to results day, and didn't come out tonight. Sad freak. Even I went out.... Oh well, he'll learn in the end.

Now I'm back, and waiting for Big Brother to be on so I can go to bed and sleep. Because I'm so knackered right now, and I have a full day of work tomorrow... Oh well. Nobody much online - talking to Emily and Gaz, but obviously no David. Cleared things up with Jo this morning, so I know where I stand. It's not necessarily where I want to be standing, but it works, I guess.... Oh well.... I'm rambling now. Later.


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