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Blasts from the past
Two of them.

The first was Michael Mullen, who came online on MSN Messenger. 'twas nice to speak to him again after so long - it's been ages.... He didn't say much - just spammed his MSN community for the pictures of his trip, which I've already seen many times, so...

The second was Liz. Yes, we are talking about the bitch who destroyed my life 361 days ago. Not like I'm counting (actually, it's easy enough - it's exactly one year ago from this weekend). Anyway, I didn't know who it was at the time, but had my suspicions, as shown by this IRC log:
[01:00] UnknownJ: I'm getting text messages from some random person
[01:00] UnknownJ: What the fuzzle?
[01:01] Syrius: Who?
[01:01] UnknownJ: No idea
[01:01] UnknownJ: Probably an ex-girlfriend
[01:02] UnknownJ: Sent me an SMS a few hours ago, saying something akin to "How are you?"
[01:02] UnknownJ: I replied a few seconds ago
[01:02] UnknownJ: This person is right by their phone - they're sending me text messages within about 20 seconds of me sending them
[01:02] UnknownJ: Pretty darn quick
[01:02] UnknownJ: They want to phone me
[01:02] UnknownJ: I don't even know who the fuck it is!
[01:02] [AA]Dave: Go on, it'll be a bit of a laugh won't it?
[01:02] * Syrius thinks it is a St0rker
[01:03] UnknownJ: I've told them to phone me :o)
[01:03] [AA]Dave: :)
[01:03] UnknownJ: I'll not speak
[01:03] UnknownJ: I'll be silent
[01:03] UnknownJ: And listen to the voice
[01:03] UnknownJ: If it's a Welsh accent, I'll scream
Anyway, I was right - it was her. She called again, and this time I wasn't silent, and just blamed it on the phone. I'm not that heartless...

*remembers back to destroying that bitch emotionally for what she did to me*

OK, I'm not that heartless any more. So I speak to her. She informs me that she's missed speaking to me. She tells me that she's still not been with a man (hence, Rey suggests, why she misses me), she tells me that Gav took her out to dinner. Now, if we recall, Gav is the person she accused me of conspiring with in order to get her drunk so I could take advantage of her. Interesting choice of dinner partners, really.

She then went on to explain that the reason she contacted me was that Michael (one of her friends, who I chatted to quite a bit when I was there) recently died in a motorcycle accident, and that it's made her decide that life is too short to not speak to people. Fair enough.

She then went on to explain how her friend Larissa is still a slag, yadda yadda, same old Liz rambling on. Then, mercifully, my phone cut out, dead battery. She sent the following SMS afterwards:
Ur phone died eh? I'll leave u to it for tonight... Talk soon I hope... And even though I didn't say it, I miss u loads sweety...
Ick. I'm telling you, if it hadn't been for Michael (and man that shocked me - I hardly knew him, but she spoke about him tons on the phone back in the day, and he seemed like a really great guy) I'd have told her where to go... *sigh*

Anyway, so yeah, that's my evening. "Fun"....

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Don't take this the wrong way, and certain persons excluded (cos one would beat me up, and the other would have you beat me up ), but are all the women you know fucked in the head?

Actually can we change that slightly..

are all women fucked in the head? I don't like women. I think I'm going to run away with a hippo.

I think I've just made bad decisions in the past. Liz being one of the worst. Oh well.... I think I've learned from those though :o)

are all women fucked in the head?
Most, yes.

I don't like women. I think I'm going to run away with a hippo.
Sorry, love, but hippos still have a gender, so you're either stuck with a couple of tons of PMT-ing mammal, or ... you're a gay hippo shagger. Neither one sounds too appealing, personally, but don't let me discourage you. ;-)

Well all men are fucked up too then...which why I think we all get on sooooooooooooooo well. But hell I am going to become a red squirrel then.

Give me that girl's address and I am goign to beat ten types of shit out of her...never liked must not have anyhting to do with her. Just an opinion of course :0)

It's some house at the top of a hill in Merthyr Tydfil... I doubt I'd recognise it if I ever saw it again, and I can't remember where it is. Let's just nuke the place :o)

As for me not having anything to do with her - I really don't intend to. She's just pathetic...

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