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F*cking Hell, that was so good. Best meal I've had since getting back to Uni, including Pizza Hut. I fried up some sausages and bacon, which doesn't seem so amazing. But given how many years it is since I've eaten fried sausages, it's quite something. Anyway, I then slit the sausages down one side, and put in some of the fried bacon, and then fried them for a few more minutes. They tasted spectacular, they really did. And I have more bacon, and many more sausages left for tomorrow :o)

Right, and now I'm adding to that with some cereal. Which will also be yummy. Chocolate bran flakes with much sugar. Ah, I feel a lot better for having eaten a great meal....

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*prods space where flabby belly will be in five years*


So long as it's five years away, right now I don't give a shit ;o)

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Fried sausages are the best... Fry them with the bacon, then one minute before you're done, cut them open and put in little bits of bacon. What I did with one of them was to cut off the bacon fat, and put it inside the sausage to fry for the last minute. Tasted so good...

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