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Well then...
Been chatting to people about my results. I'm so happy, I really am..... David will be calling in under 20 minutes, which will be good - lots to talk to him about (although it can't be for long - it'll cost him a bomb)....

I keep being reminded that I exceeded Cambridge's entrance requirements by one grade on my a-levels, and one grade on my STEP paper. That makes me constantly happy, given that I never applied to that scum place. They suck tremendously, and the important thing is that I'm good enough to go there, but I chose not to. Ha!

OK, so I'm just an egocentric bitter little child. But now I'm one with groovy qualifications, so that's OK.... Been talking to Phil about the Chemistry, and about buying copies of our papers from the exam boards - sounds good... I want my Maths, Further Maths and Biology - but I don't much care what I got in the chemistry one to be honest. It's one of those subjects where you know exactly how many questions you got right, because you can either do them correctly, or you can't do them at all. But I'd like to see how well I did in my Biology essay, and in all my maths stuff - specifically, whether my dodgy proof by exhaustion was valid for marks... Anyway, Pizza Hut soon....


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