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Where to find me
Hmm, yeah, so if I'm spending almost all my time online, where am I doing it, you might ask?

Well, I thought I'd give people some contact information, for no apparent reason, just to clear things up about what I spend my time doing, and where you can find me.

ICQ: 6363633
MSN Messenger:
AOL IM: TheUnknownJames
IRC Server:
IRC Channel: #adjarmy
IRC Nick: UnknownJ

There we go...... Now nobody has an excuse :o)

Anyway, I'm off to play Frisbee... Bye :o)

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I thought you changed your MSN thing?

He did. Never uses it though.


: )

I do occasionally. However, it's too much hassle to get everybody to change over to the new one, since most people just ignored the attempted change.

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